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a helen magnus/will zimmerman otp community

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Name:A Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman OTP Community
Posting Access:All Members

Welcome to Leap Of Faith, the Helen/Will OTP community!

This place was created as a safe haven for hardcore Helen/Will shippers. As such, please be aware that this community is not multishipper-friendly. If you do not consider Helen/Will your OTP, this is not the place for you. Do, however, feel free to join in on the awesomeness that goes on in [info]helenwill, the general and very multishipper-friendly Helen/Will community - we'd love to have you!

Because this is an OTPers' community, membership is moderated and is by referral only - a current member must vouch for you before membership will be granted. This is simply to protect the privacy of our members, and give them a place to squee away from mocking eyes. This also means that, aside from this post, all discussions will be members only, although if members want to make fanworks (i.e. fanfic, icons, and fanvids) public, they are free to do so.

Why do you hate all other ships?
We don't! Although the community's members consider Helen/Will their OTP, many, if not all, enjoy other ships as well. Two of the moderators love Helen/Nikola with a passion, and that's just for starters. This is not an "our ship is better than your ship" community; this is a "we love our ship more than any other ship" community. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. We hope you all, no matter what your ship, love it as much as we love ours. :D

Oh. Well, is discussion of other ships even allowed?
Yes, it is, as long as that discussion is approached with a Helen/Will OTP slant. Both halves of the focus pairing have been involved romantically with other people over the course of the show and in their past, and those entanglements are an important part of both characters' history. However, all entries which discuss another pairing must be tagged as such, so that members can avoid those particular discussions if they wish.

What is posted here?
Fanfiction, fanart, icons, fanmixes, fanvideos, graphics, meta, discussions - if it pertains to Helen/Will, it can be posted here! Other pairings are welcome, but the primary relationship must be Helen/Will, either implied or overt.

Can I watch this community without joining?
Sure! Be aware, however, that commenting and posting are restricted to members only, and anything that is not fan activity (fic, vids, icons, graphics, and mixes) is locked.

Can my community affiliate with your community?
Of course! Just drop one of the mods a line. The community in question has to be Sanctuary-related, of course, but that is all the qualification you need.

Can I take a look at the community rules before I decide to ask to join?
Sure! They can be found right here, or via the links sidebar on the community, along with an introduction.

Who are the mods and maintainers here?
The current community owner is [info]roseandheather. The community is co-maintained and modded by [info]galfridian, and [info]sheikah is in charge of HTML and graphics.

How can I get a referral and enter the community?
Due to the private nature of this community, membership is closed. Get someone who knows you, either from your flist or from elsewhere, to vouch for you on The Vouching Post. You will then be invited to join the community. You can also directly petition [info]roseandheather for entry via PM, although be aware that "I replied to one of your comments once" is not going to do it.
~ Credit for this vouching system is owed entirely to [info]oh_she_knows, which also sparked the idea for this community.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to PM me at [info]roseandheather.

So come on in, and take the Leap of Faith!

"Our Amanda, who art in Vancouver
Hallowed be thy name
Thy series come, thy will be done,
On Earth as it is in Praxis.
Give us this day our daily shippage,
And forgive us our squee,
As we forgive those who squee against us.
And lead us not unto false shippage,
But deliver unto us our OTP.
For thine is the series, and the power, and the glory
Forever and ever, amen."


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